ART is Approaching…

The ART Approach is a technique in dentistry that uses simple tools and materials to repair teeth quickly, and I’ve spent three years of my PhD researching new materials for it. ART stands for Atraumatic Restorative Technique, and the coincidence in the name is too good to pass up, so now I want to apply the ART approach to my art – smaller paintings and simpler materials than my usual work, but hopefully just as beautiful and interesting.

Starting next Saturday the 13th at 8pm (Irish time), and continuing every week for the next year you will find a new painting here, with subjects ranging from my usual landscapes and abstracts to some things straight out of the research lab. Not many painters can use an electron microscope to look for inspiration so there’s sure to be something you haven’t seen before!

And in keeping with the fast and simple approach I’m leaving the price up to you. Each painting will be on auction for a week on eBay, so you just might get an original piece of art at a very good price. Follow The ART Approach here or on your favourite social network using the “Follow Me” box to make sure you never miss a painting or a good opportunity to start your own art collection.

What do you think?