“The Irish Summer” is exhibiting at The Gaslamp Gallery from Friday 4th to Saturday 12th September.

For more info on viewing the exhibition please visit the gallery’s page here.

To most the Irish summer is a thing of myths and legends, a flash of light glimpsed rarely by a lucky few. These paintings form a different story, told through the eyes of an artist whose favourite colours are found only in the hearts of the mightiest clouds. It is a tale of the never-ending battle between light and dark that can pack a season’s-worth of colour into a single day…twice.

This is the story of one such day. A bright, cool, calm, cloudy, wet, warm, windy, dry day where each side has its moments of glory. The light may be the traditional peoples favourite, but this is a challenge to explore a darker, but arguably richer side of the season.

The landscapes and seascapes of Dublin, Wicklow, and Wexford are beautiful whether they are glowing under the sun or freshly washed by rain. Much of the inspiration for this collection was gathered by simply waiting and watching, producing paintings only minutes apart in time but at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of colour and light. There is a reason we spend so much time talking about the weather – it’s always up to something.

The Irish Summer

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