Give it Five Minutes, Great Drying Now

Tara Hill under a huge purple rain cloud
12×16 ins, oil on canvas, framed

These two paintings sum up ‘The Irish Summer’ for me. In the time it takes to get from one side of town to the other the darkest skies can clear to bright sunshine, leaving the landscape fresh and all the more colourful. ‘Great Drying Now’ is all about those moments when summer is at its brightest.

The same hill looks very different in the middle of a summer shower. The combination of sunlight and huge clouds creates deep, rich colours that I love to paint with. Painting rain is also a chance to just let the paint run, creating lots of movement and unique little textures.

So, the Irish summer’s unreliability is what gives it the best of both sides, but can I convince you to join me on the dark side?

Tara hill in bright summer light
12×16 ins, oil on canvas, framed

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