A tree? A bolt of lightning? A river delta seen from space? A branching crack seen under a microscope? Does it matter?


abstract landscape painting

It’s nice to see a bit of green around the place again… the sunlight isn’t doing any harm either.


painting of underwater bubbles in blue sea

Water is blue, and not because of reflection or scattering or any of that; it’s blue just because it is. That’s not much of an explanation though. The more scientific version is that its blue because it has an absorption minimum at the blue end of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It absorbs more of the other colours and lets a little more blue through for us to see. Only a little more though, which is why you need a swimming pool’s worth of water to notice.


painting of colourful evening sky

The sky is made pretty much entirely of colourless gas, and yet I can get through the whole palette in one painting of it… All thanks to a little bit of scattering caused by those gas molecules.


acrylic painting of nanocrystals

I’m not sure if this idea comes more from watching a documentary about climbing K2 or from finally finishing college, or just from a particularly good micrograph of some bundles of nanoparticles. Either way it’s a nice painting of nanocrystals.

The Summit

colourful acrylic painting of Copper Coast in Waterford

Another great bit of the Irish coastline, this time in Waterford. It gets its name from a mining industry that is long gone, but with cliffs that colour I can see why they kept the name.

Copper Coast

Irish Landscape Paintings