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If I were to pick a theme for this exhibition it’s ‘good timing’. Whether it’s catching a glowing sunrise or retreating snow storm, or having a sheep dog pose against a dramatic seascape, these paintings are made of moments that come and go in minutes or seconds. Timing makes the difference between just another landscape and a unique, unforgettable moment. This exhibition has been more than ten years in the making. It has been incredibly enjoyable to put together as I have pulled out some of my favorite memories and pictures from a decades worth of travels around Ireland.

Take the Sky Road

Take the Sky Road – Exhibition August 11th

The Sky Road is a place you might end up if you go to the west of Galway and then keep going west until you run out of road. It is just one of the incredible parts of Ireland’s coastline featuring in this new exhibition. Opening on Saturday August 11th, the exhibition will run for one week at The Gaslamp Gallery in Gorey.

landscape painting of Canadian Rocky mountains

If you keep seeing the same patterns appearing no matter how close you look at something, then it’s fractal. Like mountains, which look a lot like the rocks they’re covered in. Or trees, where each branch looks like a smaller tree with lots of even smaller trees sticking out of it, and even the leaves have their own tree pattern. Or a lake-shore, where the water finds smaller and smaller gaps to flow into, right down to microscopic cracks that look like giant valley’s if you look close enough. Fractals have some interesting properties, like having somewhere between 2 and 3 dimensions, or having infinite length and zero area.

Fractal Nature

abstract landscape painting with rainbow

White is very fashionable these days. Tip: it gets a lot more interesting if you run it through a shower of rain.


abstract landscape painting

It’s nice to see a bit of green around the place again… the sunlight isn’t doing any harm either.


colourful acrylic painting of Copper Coast in Waterford

Another great bit of the Irish coastline, this time in Waterford. It gets its name from a mining industry that is long gone, but with cliffs that colour I can see why they kept the name.

Copper Coast

painting of Giant's causeway

Landscape of the Giant’s Causeway or high magnification electron micrograph of the surface of a tooth?  Without a scale bar it’d difficult to tell, but sure there’s only about 10,000,000 in the difference so let’s not worry about it.

The Giant’s Tooth

painting of Dublin's smokestacks from Sandymount beach

Dublin’s iconic smokestacks and the windswept shores of Sandymount strand make for a great escape from the city streets.

Chimney Sweep